Home l'Espérance

Serving street children

Based in Yaoundé, the capital of Cameroon, on the hills of Mvolyé, the Home l'Espérance is a diocesan non-profit association, recognized as being of public interest by the Cameroonian state, dedicated to the protection of children in difficulty.

Created in 1977, on the initiative of Brother Yves Lescanne, it works for the reception, protection and family and social reintegration of children and young people from the street and from the city's prison. It has four centers: the Mvan listening center, the Brother Yves Lescanne house, the Noah's Ark home, as well as the socio-educational center in the minors' section of the Yaoundé central prison.

As a Christian organization, the Home l'Espérance is inspired by the love and predilection of Jesus for the children, the youngest and the excluded of our society, without distinction of race, religion or nationality.

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