VIA's pedagogy

Dare to make your life "something good and beautiful for others". 

Don' be afraid, you are here for you !

We think of you

The experience at the destination can be mobilizing and, at times, also difficult, as it involves going out to meet others, in a different culture and, possibly, in a different language. That is why, in order to make the experience as pleasant as possible, we offer you a special training period of about four months. It is a time that we take care of and we consider an essential requirement.

This first stage of the project is very important and, therefore, mandatory. It will allow you to grow in personal knowledge, to be able to give the best of yourself, to share your own experiences and enrich yourself with the contribution of others.

Common spaces are offered to volunteers before travel, where it is possible to ask questions and share concerns with the coordination team and local teams, meet the people involved in the whole process and get to know the experience of solidarity in the destination country.

Over the course of four months, six training themes are addressed, which aim to prepare your heart to respond to your expectations, define your destination and draw up a project for solidarity action. The work methodology depends on each group. The first meeting is face-to-face, and the following ones can be face-to-face and/or virtual.

This first moment ends with a sending celebration and/or festive fraternal meeting, and the signing of the mutual agreement between the Congregations and the volunteer.


We go forward together

When you arrive at the place of the experience, or destination country, you will have a clear proposal to carry out a project for solidarity action that has been prepared together in the previous stage; it may be subject to minor modifications, depending on the reality of the place. For this, you will have already met the host country referent (RPA) and the local team who will be ready to carry out to welcome and accompany you during the experience.

The RPA, the local foundation/association team and the religious Community will be at your side when you need them and you will be there too, available to carry out the project with joy,with joy, generosity and charity.

At the end of the experience, and before leaving, the RPA will invite you to do a personal evaluation.

When you return to your country and to your daily life, you will feel that your heart is full of names, faces and experiences that have marked you in a special way.

All of this will be a great personal that you will probably also feel that you cannot keep quiet about, just as you cannot return to your everyday life in the same way.

We believe that this is the most important moment of the whole experience, because new questions for your life will surely appear. All of this requires time, personal work and a space to share these questions.

That's why we invite you to:

    • a day of group and face-to-face meetings to share,

    • a space to give testimony and invite others to live the same experience,

    • an annual face-to-face meeting for those who are able and willing, the international day of the volunteer.

We are committed to your side

Religious Congregations commit themselves to assume some expenses so that you can have a good experience. For this reason, the Communities in each place offer lodging and food during the your stay, and we assume the possible costs of travel on site, to carry out the social action, as well as the payment of the international medical insurance.

The coordination team and the referent teams of the project are committed to creating mutual enrichment at different of the stay, to offer you a fraternal welcome you during the time of the project and all possible help throughout the experience, as far as we can.