How to register?


If you have read all the information and you feel that it meets your expectations and that your heart tells you that this project could be for you,  here are the steps to start the journey the way.

First step

We invite you to take the time to write a personal introduction letter and tell us who you are: how you define yourself, what you do with your life (work, study, are you in a special search stage...), where you are from, your motivations to do this experience, the time you have... It is important that you share with us what you feel called to collaborate in.

A letter of introduction from someone who knows you well is also important: a sister or a laity of our Congregations, or the priest or a pastoral agent of the parish where you are involved. And if you are not a believer and/or you work in a humanitarian association, you can ask one of your leaders.

Both letters should be sent to the coordinating team. This information is confidential, and is only requested. We only ask for this information in order to get to know you and to know if your expectations match our proposal.

Do not forget to provide us with a contact number so that we can call you via WhatsApp, arrange a virtual meeting and respond to your request.

Second step

In the case of a favourable response, the coordination team will contact you and you will receive a registration form. and you will receive a registration form.

Contact us

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us: